Stand Up Paddling the Wailua River

Kauai Stand Up Paddling ©Tor Johnson

Surfing & Stand Up Paddling

There are several great beaches and areas for surfers of all skill levels to enjoy. If you are a beginner, sign up for a surf lesson to learn how to ride the waves of Kauai. If you are experienced, rent a board and enjoy some of the best waves in the world. Surfing can be a real rush, those who try it once often end up going back for more.

Stand-up paddling is the newest craze sweeping the island, a fun way to get on a board for the first time. Stand-up paddle boards are bigger and wider than most surf boards, allowing almost anyone to be able to stand up with ease. You are given a paddle to navigate your way through the water and try to catch waves if you are brave enough. The Wailua River offers a great place to try stand-up paddling for the first time, with no waves or currents; you can get the feel for it before venturing into the ocean.

Before setting out to enjoy Kauai’s beaches, please watch this Ocean Safety video.