Take a Kauai Boat Tour

One of the main attractions on the Royal Coconut Coast are boat tours. The prime destination along the Wailua River is the Fern Grotto. This amazing natural lava rock grotto used to be reserved exclusively for the royalty of Hawaii. Now it welcomes guests and has become a popular wedding venue for locals and visitors alike. Open-air boats offer a great platform to get to the grotto; you will be entertained by hula dancers and chanters telling the stories and legends of the area.

The prime destination along the Wailua River is the Fern Grotto.

While not on the Royal Coconut Coast, the Napali Coast is a spectacular site not to be missed on Kauai. Staying on the Royal Coconut Coast ensures that you are never far from everything Kauai has to offer. A short drive away and you will find many companies and vessel options for exploring the Napali Coast by boat. Napali means “the cliffs” or “many cliffs” and you will see why very quickly. It features incredible 4,000 foot cliffs that stretch right into the ocean. Sea caves and waterfalls create picture-perfect settings everywhere you look.

Fishing on Kauai is a profitable venture for some and a long-time hobby for others. Many ancient traditions are still practiced to find the best fishing spot for the day. Join others or charter a boat to try your hand at fishing the fresh or ocean waters of Kauai. Deep sea fishing can be a real thrill, often finding large fish such as marlins, tuna, and wahoo. Most fishing adventures let you keep a portion of your catch so you can cook it up and taste your well-earned rewards.