Experience a Kauai Luau on the Coconut Coast

A luau is a tradition every visitor should partake to experience and learn more about Hawaiian cultures and customs. Most luau feature an incredible buffet and variety of foods, but the highlight of a traditional luau is the kalua pork or roasted pig. The pig is often cooked all day or overnight in an imu, an underground oven full of hot coals and lava rocks. The pig is covered and sealed, and cooks for hours until it is soft.

A typical luau not only offers an endless buffet of delicious foods, but also a chance to try a mai tai or other tropical drinks. A mai tai usually consists of fresh island juices like pineapple, guava, passion fruit, and lime with light and dark rums. Another island favorite is a lava flow, which is basically a pina coloda with a swirl of strawberry syrup that makes a sweet and stylish drink. Other locally made spirits have become quite popular, Kauai now features its own rum and fruit wines that are made on island.

Guests at a luau get to enjoy dinner and a show. Most luau consists of a variety of entertainment. Hula and Tahitian dancing, along with fire dancing and chanting are the highlights for most guests. Experience the true spirit of aloha and take a journey through time with songs and dance from ancient through modern times.