Itinerary Day Planner Launched — Innovative Site to Plan out Vacation Days

New and innovative travel itinerary day-planner, unique among Hawaii’s destinations, was launched on Kauai’s Royal Coconut Coast recently. It provides a seamless way to map out each day’s activities, eating, shopping, and where to stay.

Kapa‘a, HI –Kaua‘i’s Royal Coconut Coast Association recently unveiled an interactive itinerary day planner, unique among Hawaii’s destinations, where travelers can add activities, restaurants, lodging and shopping choices to each day of their stay. Hours are calculated. Visitors have options to save, print, share or change at any time. Since its launch on November 10th, the planner is already being used dozens times a day, as reported by web analytics. Supported by CARES Act funding for the RCCA, this opportunity serves three purposes: potentially increase the length of stay on Kauai, bring more awareness to RCCA members, and, over time, support a return to more normal business activity. Such a planner is not evident at any other of Hawaii’s destination associations.

Micco Godinez, co-owner of Kayak Kauai, said, “I found it easy and intuitive to use, so much so that I placed it on our social media channels so visitors can use this nifty and handy tool to seamlessly plan out their itinerary.”

Choices include 14 East Side hotels and condominium resorts, lots of things-to-do, numerous restaurants, beach parks and hiking trails, plus unique boutiques and shops. There are easy-to-use options to add or takeaway days depending upon the length of stay.

Brainchild of Delicious Design, RCCA’s web, advertising and graphics design contractor, the Itinerary Day Planner brings to the forefront a leading-edge tool supporting Kauai’s visitor industry. Robert Rekward, Vice President of Delicious Design said, “Our team was excited to work with RCCA to develop this new technology. The mobile adaptation was a bit tricky, but we are thrilled that it has been well received and hope it serves the Royal Coconut Coast Association for years to come.”


For more information, Margy Parker, Media Relations for the Royal Coconut Coast Association,