Aloha Kauai Yoga & Peace Festival – Lydgate Beach Park

October 4 to 6 all day and evening
Kauai’s largest outdoor yoga event is upcoming on October 4th through 6th at Lydgate Beach Park, main pavilion. Providing both headliner yoga masters and entertainment, this event is organized to collectively amplify a peace vibration on earth. The organizers promote the known positive energy (vortex) on Kauai to help infuse the message of peace across the planet. According to the festival’s website, the event is considered a soul journey at one of the most magical places on earth. Teachers, speakers, artists and vendors provide group meditations, yoga practice, yoga workshops entertainment and vendors are woven throughout the three-day experience. More tickets and information are available online.

Event Details

Date: October 4 to 6 all day and evening
Organizer: ALOHA Kauai Yoga and Peace Festival