Mokihana Festival September 20-26

September 20 to 26, times vary

A week-long celebration of Hawaiian culture, including educational lectures along with music and hula competitions through virtual events that provide spiritual, poetic, historical, cultural and and Hawaiian dance competitions.

September 20th – Hawaiian Church Service, 10 a.m.: Celebrate the launch of Kauai’s Mokihana Festival with a special service in both English and Hawaiian. This year’s service will be held virtually in the home of Kauaʻi Mokihana Festival Founder, Nathan Kalama along with the the Mālie Foundation Board of Directors instead of its original location at the historic Kapaʻa First Hawaiian Church founded by Queen Deborah Kapule in 1879. Be uplifted with love through music and words of encouragement. Join in at

September 21st – Kauai Composers Concert & Contest, 6-7 p.m.: This event encourages the composition of new music in the Hawaiian Language and Open categories.  Cash prizes are awarded to the top three in each category. Participants in this contest are inspired by sharing their personal musical creations with the Island’s people and visitors.  Please join us virtually via Social Media on Facebook – The Maile Foundation for the presentation on September 21st.To submit an entry for the Composer’s Contest (Due September 3), please go to the Maile Foundation website or click here:

September 22nd – Cultural Presentation Honoring Queen Liliuokalani, 6-7 p.m.: The Mālie Foundation usually hosts the Eo E Liliʻu Children Music Contest to honor our last reigning monarch of Hawaiʻi. This event allows students in the Hawaiian Immersion School Programs to compete musically by grades with songs to honor the Queen and other Hawaiian cultural topics. Due to the pandemic we are currently facing, The Malie foundation is hosting a cultural presentation all about the Queen and her music. Please join us virtually via social media, on Facebook at The Maile Foundation on Facebook – the Maile Foundation..

September 23rd – E Mau Ana ka Puana Mele Inoa (Hawaiian Poetry) Continuing Mele Inoa Traditions 6-7 p.m.: Hear Hawaiian poetry, called mele inoa (name songs that honor people), a long-standing genre of Hawaiian poetry that goes back centuries. While each is personal to the honoree, there are meiwi, or poetic and stylistic devices that have continued over time. This presentation looks at three specific examples for leaders across three centuries: Kaua’i’s last sovereign, King Kaumuali’i, Hawai’i’s last monarch, Queen Lili’uokalani, and US President Barak Obama. Please join us virtually via social media on Facebook – the Maile Foundation..

September 24th – Hawaiian Cultural Presentation, Did you Know? Now You Do!, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. The Mālie Foundation is about educating the community of the rich history and interesting facts about Kauaʻi. The foundation has created the Mālie University featuring Kumu Hula Maka Herrod with Did You Know? & Now You Do! mini vignettes about the beautiful island of Kauaʻi. Please join us virtually via social media on Facebook – the Maile Foundation.

September 25th – Hula Hoike Competition, 6 to 7:30 p.m. Featuring hālau hula from Kauaʻi, Maui, Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi, California, and Japan along with highlights of previous KMF Hula Competition. This event also highlights the Mokihana Mākeke (Market) sharing about products from Kauaʻi along with other craft vendors who have joined. Please join us virtually on September 25th to view the competition via social media on Facebook – Maile Foundation. Entries due September 5th on the Malie Foundation website.

September 26th – Miss Mokihana Hula Kahiko Competition, 12-2 p.m.:  This dance competition features soloists from participating hālau hula halau presenting choice mele hula connected to the dancer’s birth island. Cash awards will be presented for Oli, Costume & Adornments, Hula Presentation and Overall. Also there will be a short moʻolelo (story) Valley of the Kings. Please join us for the competition on September 26th virtually via social media on Facebook – the Maile Foundation. Entries due Septmber 5th on the Malie Foundation website.





Event Details

Date: September 20 to 26, times vary
Organizer: Malie Foundation