Quarantine Guidelines & Daily Live Updates \

For daily live updates from Kauai’s Mayor, Derek Kawakami, go here: http://www.kauai.gov/COVID-19. Our Mayor has set up rules and guidelines for visitors and local residents traveling to
Kauai, which also mirror statewide mandates from Hawaii’s Governor Ige. Basically, visitors traveling to Kauai right now will be quarantined to their hotel, rental or time share for 14 days (or 7 days for one-week stays) and limited to staying on the grounds of the property. Bars, visitor activities, entertainment centers and churches are also closed and any gathering is limited to 10 people. Currently all air travel, even from another island, will require travelers to quarantine themselves, with the exception of medical personnel. Day use permits, at $5.00, are also required to use county parks (state parks are closed), with a vehicle parking fee of $50 per car. These park measures have been put in place to foster social distancing.  Kauai’s medical resources and large population of Kupuna (older generation) are being guarded against proliferation of COVID-19 — a devastating scenario on an island.  Read full details in an article, published March 22nd and written by Dennis Fujimoto with The Garden Island newspaper.