Know Before You Go — Pre and Post Travel Testing and Quarantine Guidelines

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Kauai’s latest guidelines for visitors and kamaaina specifies that those traveling from a neighbor island to Kauai will be able to bypass the full 10-day quarantine beginning Tuesday, Jan. 5th.  See full information at that provides and excellent flow chart applying to kamaaina, trans-pacific arrivals to Kauai, and out-of-state visitors already on Oahu, Maui or the Big Island.  Also see  Mayor’s Rule #24 at

To qualify as an inter-island traveler, a flier would need to be physically present in the state on one island for at least 72 hours. This rule is not exclusive to state residents. After 72 hours, travelers would take a COVID test using a Safe Travelers Trusted Testing Partner, and fly to Kauai with negative test results uploaded to the Safe Travels site, or bring a hard copy. If negative test results cannot be produced, travelers will quarantine in a Resort Bubble property until those negative results are produced, and may leave the participating resort for other accommodations with proof of a negative result. The Hilton Garden Inn at Wailua Bay, on the Royal Coconut Coast is included in the “resort bubble” (EQM) program. Resort bubble guests have access to hotel facilities around the property and agree to wear a special wrist band. Mask requirements and social distancing are mandated. Resort bubble properties also include The Cliffs at Princeville, Hanalei Bay Resort at Princeville Kauai Marriott and Timbers Ocean Club at Hokuala in Lihue and, in Poipu, Koa Kea Resort and The Club at Kukuiula.

Those arriving from directly from out-of-state must take a COVID test no more than 72 hours before travel from any FDA approved PCR or antigen test providing a negative test result. If results are pending, travelers may still fly to Kauai. In both cases travelers will  have to stay in a Resort Bubble property and take a post arrival test no earlier than 72 hours after arrival.  Travelers who do not participate in a resort bubble stay, must quarantine for 10 days at their accommodation or residence. In this case, visitors are not allowed to leave their rooms or units during this time nor are residents allowed to leave their home. Resorts on the Royal Coconut Coast that provide for 10-day quarantines are: Hilton Garden Inn, Hotel Coral Reef, The ISO Hotel, Plantation Hale Suites, Sheraton Kauai Coconut Beach Resort and Pono Kai Resort.

Keep Kauai Open — Wear a Mask. Visitors and residents must conform to strict mask guidelines (on all islands) wearing masks covering nose and mouth in all buildings, lobbies, check-in areas and outdoors when approaching, passing by or being near another person. Activity companies, restaurants, shops, services, hotels, inns, and condominium resorts require masks in all public areas. Not wearing a mask is considered disrespectful of our local residents and other visitors. Kauai’s medical resources and large population of Kupuna (older generation) continue to be guarded against proliferation of COVID-19 — a devastating scenario on an island where medical facilities are limited. For updates from Kauai’s Mayor, Derek Kawakami, go here: Our Mayor has set up rules and guidelines for visitors and local residents on Kauai, which mirror statewide mandates from Hawaii’s Governor Ige.

If travelers encounter a flight delay through no fault of the passenger and as a result they are outside the 72 hour window, their test will still be accepted. The traveler should tell the passenger verification screener the situation and show them their boarding pass with the original departure time that was inside the 72 hours window. If there are any additional questions, the screeners are able to check with the airline agent at the gate to confirm the delay status.  Travelers who inquire — have your original boarding pass handy, electronic versions, too.

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  1. James Exon says:

    The above rules are ambiguous when it comes to outdoor public areas of a hotel or condominium resort. It says “hotels and condominium resorts require masks in all public areas”. Does this apply to outdoor areas? If so, that appears to be more stringent than the mayor’s orders, which appear to be masks required when you are within 6 feet of another person outdoors. I am just looking for clarity of what the actual rules are, not recommendations or opinions… just the actual real rules.

    1. Royal Coconut Coast Association says:

      Aloha James,
      It’s our understanding that masks should be worn in outdoor spaces when people are closer than 6 feet. Example — waiting in lines outdoors, frequenting a poolside bar, participating in an activity outdoors where people cannot socially distance — like a boat tour or air tour; or passing someone closely. Our blog post was based on research, however your comment inspires us to search for more specifics. We will update with new information as it comes along.

  2. Tony says:

    If someone comes to the island without their negative test, they have had a test but do not have results, are they allowed to quarantine in a one bedroom apartment with a family until their test results come back. That seems to be defeating the whole purpose if they’re quarantining and members of the family are still allowed to come and go as they want period please let me know as soon as possible as this is happening today.

    1. Royal Coconut Coast Association says:

      Aloha Tony, You may travel to Kauai without the result if it’s not in yet, however you and your family will need to stay in a Resort Bubble accommodation and take a post arrival test no earlier than 72 hours after arrival.

  3. Jennifer Michelle Duczak says:

    Hello I’m not sure I’m understand. If my family has negative test within 72hours we still can’t go places? I’m looking to visit with a family of 6 but not to stay in a room. Thank you

    1. Royal Coconut Coast Association says:

      Aloha Jennifer, If your entire family has a negative test, you still have to stay in a Resort Bubble accommodation until you can have a post-arrival test no earlier than 72 hours later. At that resort you may use the property facilities, such as pools and walking areas, but may not go beyond the resort. Once the 2nd negative result is confirmed, you may move on to another accommodation.

  4. Susan McFetridge says:

    If we have had both vaccinations and more than 14 days have passed since 2nd vaccine dose, do we have to quarantine at a Bubble location?

    1. Royal Coconut Coast Association says:

      Aloha Susan,

      It’s our understanding that all visitor arrivals have to quarantine for at least 3 days in a Resort Bubble until there is a negative test result. The State is still formulating recommendations for those who have had their vaccinations.

  5. Gabby says:

    Hi! Is there a list of company’s that provide the COVID test after the 72 hour quarantine? How does this process work?

    1. Royal Coconut Coast Association says:

      Aloha Gabby,

      Go to this site and you’ll see on the left a link about visitor or resident post-travel testing:
      Hope this helps.

  6. Moné says:

    If I have a negative covid19 test result and quarantine in my home in Kalaheo for 10 days, do I still need a post travel test to move about?

    1. Royal Coconut Coast Association says:


      Thanks for your question on our Know Before You Go page. It’s our understanding that once arriving on Kauai and going into quarantine, you may be released from quarantine with proof of a negative test that would be uploaded to the safe travels program.

      Check out the chart at :

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